My Little Hippo

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hi. How fast am I? For myself that is. I wanted to post again today 'cause I have more event goodies to show you.

On top we have Clawtooth's hair for The Arcade, another rare scored on the first try! The bag is also a gacha prize, not a rare one but so darn cute you'll puke. Promise. The platform sneakers are available at The Chapter Four and the pose at The Dressing Room FUSION. Ha, so I got my platforms.

And, um, the skin is a dollarbie from Mother Goose's. I haven't worn a Mother Goose's skin for a while 'cause I was too lazy to learn how to manually match my Slink enhancements (no appliers available). It was easy, though. Gah, I should've remembered Slink's service is top notch.

The dress is a bit older but I think it's still available. It's a group gift, too. Lots of other amazing group gifts for you at COCO so if you haven't joined already, for the love of hippos, do it now!

Thank you for reading. Hugs, kisses and all the good stuff. -B-

HairClawtooth, Fade Into You w/Hat, Wheat (The Arcade)
Skin | Mother Goose's, SiSi_III_1L (Dollarbie!)
Eyes | S0NG, Eve, Grey Blue Eye
Makeup (eyes) | .random.Matter., Aislinn Shadows v2, Peasy
Teeth.random.Matter., Hermione, Teeth
Bag | Zenith, Hippo Bag (The Arcade)
Dress | COCO, Gift_ShirtDress (Group gift!)
TightsTee*fy, Soft Dottie Leggins, Black
Shoes | FAUN, Platform Play Verse, Red (The Chapter Four)
Pose | Label Motion, Carola 5 (The Dressing Room FUSION)

A Rare Bargain

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hi. Today I have a few event goodies to show to you. First there's the hair. It's a new and exclusive LoQ'ue style for The Dressing Room FUSION. For a mere L$70 you get all 56 colors, a fat pack that is. While you're there, why not grab Linka02, a pretty skin by Essences, too? The top and the pants aren't event items so let's just skip to the shoes. I got lucky at The Arcade. I scored a RARE pair of FLite Outsiders. Had I scored a pair of platforms it would've been perfect. But maybe you will? Only L$75 a pop so... pop pop pop.

Thank you for reading. Bye for now. -B-

Hair | LoQ'ue, Absolut* (The Dressing Room FUSION)
SkinEssences, Linka02, medium01, brown* (The Dressing Room FUSION)
Eyes | Insufferable Dastard, Glimmer Contacts, Gray
FrecklesJust Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks set 02
Teeth | Medley, Gap Prim Teef
Top | Pixicat, Cutout Tie Top, Grey
Pants | COCO, CargoPants, Green
ShoesFLite, Outsiders, Studded White (The Arcade)

*Review copies


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hi. It's September. I'm sure many of you still enjoy the warmth of the sun but here in Finland we're getting ready to face colder weather. So, yeah, it's bound to show in my SL wardrobe. I don't think I've worn the COCO coat before even though I've had it for quite some time now. The Maitreya boots have been featured but they're such a gorgeous pair it'd be a shame to only wear them once. And that's actually all there is to the look. Or maybe not quite.

Tameless has come out with a new line of complete avatars. This is what was said about them at the time of the first release:

We are excited to announce the release of our new line of complete avatars. There are several options to choose from with an ultimate set that includes appliers for Slink Physique, hands and feet, Phat Azz, Lolas Tangos, Perfect Body, Lena Body, Brazilia Doll, Baby Bump, WowMeh and Loud Mouth. Two complete outfits keep your avatar in style as well as hair, shapes, jewelry and more. Remi is the first to make an appearance.

Another complete avatar has been released since Remi, Valorie. I'm only introducing bits and pieces of her here so I thought I'd include Nita's picture of the ultimate set. As mentioned above, the ultimate set comes with a boatload of stuff. If you don't have enough cash on you right now do remember there's a basic set and a set of just the skin and the shape available, too. 

Thank you very much for reading. See you around! -B-

Hair, skin, makeup and appliers | Tameless, Complete Avatar Valorie*
Hairbase | LeLutka, SHORT hairbase, IdontBleach
EyebrowsJust Magnetized, Diva Brows, Brunette01
LashesAngel Rock, Fluffy J-Curl lashes, Paris Show Girl
Eyes | S0NG, Hope, Storm Eye
Mouth and teeth | Loud Mouth, Alli
Rings | Yummy, Boho Ring Set, Turqoise
Coat | COCO, OversizedCoat w/Turtleneck, Red
ShoesMaitreya, Thigh High Boots. Black Gold Snake
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies